Place Ad Instructions

How To Create A FREE Ad Or Featured Ad:

Click Register – complete form.  Then, Log In.

To Create An Ad, Do The Following:

  •  Once signed in click Add Listing (Menu Selection)

  •  Then start Completing the Ad Form and Adding Photos. (Be sure to edit each photo. A window will pop-up and you will need to select the photo you want to be the ‘main photo‘ for your ad.) Next, at the bottom of the form select Type Of Ad you wish to place: Free, or Featured (Featured ads have a unique design and remain at top of ad listings page.Preview, then Submit Ad. If you selected a Featured Ad an Invoice screen will appear with details of how to make payment using Paypal. Make payment.

  •  Congrats, your new Ad will start showing after payment is received.

To Edit Or Manage Your Ad Or Ads:

  •  Once signed in, Click Manage Ads (Menu Selection)

  •  All of your Ads (if you’ve posted more than one) will be displayed in a List format.

  •  Click the Edit option for the Ad you’re trying to View, Edit or Delete. Make your changes and click Update (at bottom of screen) Click View or Adverts to show change.

Note: To Go To HOME PAGE – Click Adverts or Real Classifieds (logo)

That Was Easy!